It provides a distn t alternatve to ustomers tarouga its non-sill doors allo8s ior
single and double glazing appli atons. Advantage series tarouga its ri a detail
profles and aiga quality a essories ofers all tae ieatures oi Lux series 8ita
e onomi advantages. It aas 2,5 mm 8all tai kness, it is 2 and 3 aambered and it aas
50 mm 8idta main profle. It allo8s single and double glazing appli atons irom 4 mm
to 20 mm. ADVANTAGE 3 series 8ai a aas otaer aspe ts oi LUXURY series ofers a
diferent alternatve to tae onsumer tarouga its non-sill doors. In additon,
ADVANTAGE 2 series presents all qualif atons oi ADVANTAGE 3 to tae ustomers
desires tarouga its 2- aambered systems and more e onomi pri es.

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