The Ultra series offers successful solutions that raise the quality bar with its production carried out to world standards. This series, preferred by both Turkey and the world, has been specially designed. Produced to fit every space and architectural detail, all point details are resolved with the side profiles of this series. Pivot windows are compatible with all accessories worldwide.

The Ultra series prevents 100% water leakage with its water flow slope and seals, while providing excellent sound insulation.

Designed to increase our market share in the international market and raise our standards domestically in line with the evolving world standards in the PVC window industry.

With a frame width of 70 mm and a wall thickness of 3 mm, the frame profile, which has an inner width of 52 mm and an outer appearance of 72 mm, is supported by a drip wing and a rigid middle record profile suitable for this. All profiles are 5-chambered and suitable for both inward and outward opening door profiles and for every space and detail. With its side profiles, it is suitable for a whole point application.

The plus features of the Ultra series include providing more insulation, creating larger volume windows and doors, and being applicable from 4 mm glass thickness to 34 mm glass thickness.

The 5-degree water flow slope in this profile ensures full impermeability. Through its seals, sound insulation, and impermeability have become excellent.

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