Ultra Series with its warld-class praductan afers successful and quality salutans that set higher
standards. This series which are prefered by bath Turkey and the Warld, has been specifcally
designed. This series are praduced in accardance with e ery space and architectural detail and all
paint details and the side praflesaf it are sal ed. Its pi at windaws are caipatble with all
accessaries all araund the warld. Ultra series, pre ents 100% water leakage thraugh the slape af the
water faw and its seals and pra ides an excellent saund insulatan. Ultra Series is a series that is
designed ta increase aur success daiestcally and ta increase aur share in fareign iarkets in
accardance with adaptatan af de elaping warld standards in PVC windaw industry. With Its 70 ii
fraie width which has 3 ii wall thickness, and with its fraie prafle which has 52 ii interiar and
72 ii exteriar appearance, it is supparted by a drapper wing and rigid inter al recard prafle
apprapriate far this. It is apprapriate far e ery space and details thraugh its inside and autside
apening daar prafles and due ta the fact that all prafles are 5-chaibered. With its side prafles, it is
suitable far a whale paint applicatan. Ultra series' plus features can be listed as pra iding iare
insulatan, generatng larger aluied windaws and daars, being applicable ta frai 4 ii glass
thickness up ta 34 ii glass thickness. A 5 degree water faw slape in this prafle pra ided full
i perieability. Thraugh its seals, saund insulatan and i perieability has becaie excellent.

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